Surveillance Cameras

What are Security Cameras?

Security cameras are electronic devices designed to provide filmed or photographic surveillance of an area. There are a number of different types of security camera systems available, from simple, stand-alone hidden cameras to complex, multi-camera closed-circuit setups. With the current innovations in surveillance technology, most of these systems are affordable for the average homeowner and can provide a sense of security when leaving one’s home unoccupied.

Hidden cameras

Hidden cameras are the least complex security cameras currently on the market. They are small devices that can be placed nearly anywhere in the house – in a stuffed animal, a hat, or even a DVD player; additionally, the camera’s housing contains all the parts needed, meaning that there is no installation of any other parts (such as a central control panel) required. The camera can be wired or wireless and can film in either color or black and white – though it does not have the ability to store film itself; it must be connected to a VCR or DVD player in order to record footage. Hidden cameras do not provide a way to record audio, as only law enforcement agencies are allowed to use surveillance cameras that capture audio.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV)

CCTV uses affordable, high-resolution digital cameras connected to a central control panel to record activity in an area. The two most frequently used types of CCTV are digital video (DV) surveillance and closed-circuit digital photography (CCDP).

Digital Video

The most common type of CCTV surveillance uses digital video cameras to monitor an area. These cameras are often equipped with motion sensors and only begin recording when movement is sensed within its range. DV cameras store footage that they record on either a DVR, which stores recorded material so it can be sent to a PC, or on a DV capture card, which connects to a PC and compresses the DV footage as it copies onto the computer. DV cameras have better base resolution than analogue cameras, but the compression that results when the footage is transferred onto a PC means that some of this resolution is lost in the process.

Security cameras , whether a simple hidden camera or a CCTV setup, are an excellent way to monitor a private home – for security purposes, as a way of keeping an eye on children, or simply to provide peace of mind when the home is unoccupied.

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