High Definition CCTV

What is CCTV?

CCTV, Closed Circuit TeleVision, is a TV system that does not broadcast TV signals to public but transmits them over to limited monitor(s). CCTV system usually utilizes CCD video cameras (to produce the video), cable or wireless transmitters/receivers or Internet (to transmit the video), and monitors (to see the video). CCTV system is not only applied to the security and surveillance purpose but also to the other fields like laboratory in schools or in private companies, even to production lines in factories. As the application of CCTV system increased, the CCTV industry has developed variety of CCTV equipment like Time Lapse VCRs, combiners, infrared illuminators, Pan/Tilt, etc. The most recent development is web camera server which uses the Internet for remote surveillance.

What’s is the difference between standard definition and High Definition?

Up until now a standard resolution camera would have to be placed close to a subject in order to get facial and detail recognition. High definition CCTV can cover areas much larger and with complete face and object recognition. Provided you have line of sight a HD camera can do the work of a substantial amount of regular cameras producing images of high enough quality to be used effectively in police investigations and security video monitoring. As high definition video is heavy on storage and processing power the whole system from front to back needs to be designed correctly. We at Stallion security draw on our strong network experience to make this all possible.

A megapixel CCTV camera can use around 5 gigabytes of storage per hour

This represents a need for high quality Data Cabling, high performance Data Switches, and fibre optic links. These will be linked to a high spec server and data storage system.

At Stallion Security we have a variety of smart video management/recording software to capture all your high definition video and apply some smart video analytics. A unique feature of high definition video is the opportunity to apply software tools such as zooming into a part of a recorded image and pick out a face in a crowd or an object that might have been stolen or left behind. Video analytics can flag such events and because we now have such high-resolution video these software tools can finally do the job they could not do with standard resolution video.

Stallion Security will recommend, provide and install the best CCTV system to suit your individual circumstances, whether you’re protecting your home, your office or other property.

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